Lourdes Ceramic Industries, an entirely argentinian business for the world, with 25 years of history turned into the first argentinian business in digital lines production and the second of Latin America.Since the red gres enamel in the beginnings until the sophisticated digital decoration of the porcelain. The company moves without a pause for all the growth processes, constantly updated, conquering markets, in the entire country and worldwide, with the energy that stamped founder and even today is still spreading with a monthly production that overtake 1.000.000 square meters and a presence in the best and biggest fairs of the item. The company is defined as a model of expansion and pioneer in the use of new technologies.

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The mission of the company is to offer, in the markets in which it participates, the best options of product, in terms of innovation, quality, design, value, and backing, always according to the changing necessities of them assuring its production in a process of continuous development in maximum security conditions, taking the environment into account and social responsibility towards the communities in which it works.

To provide the best customer service, in terms of quick responses, courtesy, efficiency, knowledge and help offered through a top level work team, well trained, enthusiastic and with a high level of motivation and compromise.


The vision that guides, controls and encourages the organisation is the vision to be a company orientated to the market, in constant growing, source of benefits either for their shareholders and their staff, that occupies leadership positions based on the quality of the products, customer service and human resources, continuously improved, within the law, ethics and the care of the people and the environment.

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